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The “Vision” of the Berens River First Nation is of a healthy and unified people who undertake to support and share with the community, the responsibility for promoting an inclusive relationship which recognizes the uniqueness of the individual and values lifelong learning by providing the support to fulfill dreams!


News & Updates

June 17, 2019
Applications for 2019-2020 Sponsorship is now closed

Thank you everyone for applying; new & returning students. The Education Committee has completed their reviews and selections for the 2019-2020 Sponsorship. Letters have been sent out outlining the terms of your sponsorship, those who are missing documentation; Your applications will be put on hold for a brief time to get your final documentation in before the time stated in the letters expire. If you have any questions or have not received a letter in the mail, contact me asap!

April 12, 2016
Education Committee & Selection Process

Our Selections for Sponsorship Meeting has been set for June 7 & 8th. The Education Committee will be convening at this time to review applications for sponsorship & renewals. The Education Committee are tasked with the responsibility to put the needs of the community & the protection of our fiscal budget. All applications are subjected to a priority basis; Grade 12 Graduates get first priority, we encourage the success of our high school students to continue riding their success and accomplish at the Post Secondary Level. 

Sponsorship renewals are next, the Committee selects serious applicants that demonstrated a "C" grade or 2.00 G.P.A. average in their transcripts to approve their sponsorship renewals. 

New Sponsorship Applications & Off-Reserve residents are looked at next. With a thorough autobiography, the Education Committee can ascertain whom will be a likely successful candidate for sponsorship.  All applications are required to be completely filled out, along with  all required documentation (ie. Autobiography/Continuing Essays, Recent Transcript, and Acceptance letters).

Recommendation Letters are accepted to assist the success of your approval, Or if you have been previously suspended, dropped out, academically withdrawn then Recommendation letters are mandatory. Education Committee follows a strict policy and will ensure its mandate. We request that you take your education seriously and apply with pride.

Any applications that are missing information will not be reviewed and returned to the original applicant. Please be aware that applying for sponsorship will NOT guarantee approval. We are on a limited and strict budget, we cannot sponsor everyone.

March 31, 2016
Private Institutions VS Public Institutions

Keep in Mind when Applying for University or College, there is a huge difference between a private institute and a public institute.  Private institutions are privately owned (ie. CDI College, Herzing, PATAL, Robertson College, etc) and have excessively expensive tuition. For example, they charge as high as $15,000.00 for a simple Office Administrator Program as opposed to paying $5,600.00 at Red River College for the exact same program.

Our Policy limitations for one year for tuition cost is $4,000.00 per academic year. So if you insist on applying for a Private Institution for your education, we would generally request you find alternative funding to supplement the total cost.  (ie. BRSS will cover $4,000 of total tuition; You will have to find/apply funding to cover the rest via Manitoba or Canada student loan, etc.)

We would encourage you to apply for a public institution (ie. Red River College, University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, etc.) to ensure the feasibility of your application for sponsorship.  If you want more information or discuss this topic; please email me at

Post Secondary Education is the first important step towards building a career for yourself.  As an adult now in today’s society many decisions must be planned to avoid costly mistakes.  Everything we do from now on, we must be responsible for each decision we make.  We no longer have the luxury of blaming others or putting responsibility on someone else.

To succeed in Post Secondary Education we must be strong to ourselves and make sacrifices.  Do not let a challenge intimidate you because in College and University you will be challenged a lot. These challenges give you the experience and the knowledge to get you through life and it's many paths.

If you are unsure, contact us to discuss current community needs. Berens River First Nation are always looking for trades workers (ie. welders, plumbers, carpenters, etc) and Nursing & Educational staff members.  Begin by emailing me at:

Popular FAQ's

No Transcript Available till later?  - If your transcript is not ready by the Sponsorship Selections Meeting, you application will be placed on HOLD, until you can provide the missing documentation, however it still won't guarantee an approval.  Policy states that Transcripts must appear to have a "C" grade or 2.00 g.p.a. or higher to ensure continued sponsorship. Also if there is still funding available; All applications that are placed on HOLD, are subject to a first-come first-served basis in completing your application. Which means the earliest applicants that submit their missing documentation first are reviewed first in order of which is received until funding is completely allocated (spent).

Incomplete Applications?  - Any applications that are missing mandatory information (ie. mailing address, current email, phone numbers, etc), will not be accepted. Please take pride in the process of pursuing your Post Secondary Education, and thoroughly complete the application and submit all required documentation. Berens River Student Services will not contact or follow up with any applicants that don't indicate their proper contact information.

For Consultations, contact me:

Berens River Student Services
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Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3C 1X7

Tel: (204) 982-0690

or Email:

Application for Post Secondary Sponsorship
Deadline: April 30, 2020

Berens River Post Secondary Counsellor

Jürgen Valiquette

"I have been working for Berens River First Nation for 20 years. I began as communications coordinator before I was promoted to Education Counsellor in 2005. I have a strong work ethic, highly organized with a computer, and an excellent multi-tasker.

I administer the post secondary sponsorship for Berens River, I work closely with an excellent team and report to an Education Committee.

My Role as Post Secondary Counsellor is:

  • Counsel students throughout the duration of their sponsorship

  • Monitor student progress

  • Discuss Education plans & solutions

  • Program Management

  • Develop & Manage Financial Budgets

  • Plan & Develop Quarterly Conferences with Education Committee

  • Develop & Manage Student Filing Systems

  • Manage Tuition Payments

  • Issue payments for Academic Incentives & Student Travel (Out of town students)

  • Issue Monthly Allowances & Expenses

  • Public Speaking with Students & Functions

  • Develop & administer Policy Management

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