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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" -Nelson Mandela

Private Home Placement

The Private Home Placement (PHP) program is funded by Aboriginal Northern Affairs of Canada. Private home placement makes it possible for Berens River First Nation's High School students to access secondary education off reserve if the resources or specific academic courses are not available on the Community.

Berens River First Nation PHP Program ensures that all High School students in the process of transitioning to a secondary institution in Winnipeg, Riverton, or Cranberry Portage our priority. Currently, there is no high school available in Berens River, therefore our children will have to leave the community and their families to continue their education.

It is our responsibility to provide the support systems to make their transition easier, seeking secure private home placement, providing financial assistance and academic supports to ensure their success.

The success of our High School students graduating from High School has increased from year to year and we know the challenges of obtaining their diploma were not easy. For many First Nations a community sending their children to a system that is not designed for our children is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and effort of reading, writing, doing research and attending everyday. Our students were faced with personal issues that are related to social, cultural, emotional and academic challenges. As past and present graduates of Berens River First Nation you have faced those challenges and always found a way to deal with them with courage.

Private Home Placement is guided and supported by the Berens River Education Committee. All PHP applications are reviewed and assessed by the Education Board annually. We have found that when students take their education seriously and accountable for their sponsorship; Success always follows. Berens River Private Home Placement will continue to be accountable, responsible and always finding new methods to build successful students.

Apply Yourself. Get all the Education you can, but then, by God, do something. Don't just stand there, make it happen.
- Lee Lacoca

House Parent Program


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(VACANT) Counsellor

This Position is currently seeking candidates for July 2019 start date.

The role of PHP Counsellor are:

  • Counsel Students throughout their years in High School

  • Issue monthly allowances and expenses as required

  • Develop education plans; short & long term

  • Monitor transition from Middle School to High School

  • Monitor credits system and advise students on their progress

  • Monitor student's progress and goals

  • Plan & develop quarterly reports for the Education Board

  • Facilitate and Plan with Student Gathering and workshops

  • Develop & Manage Student File

  • Act as a liaison for Parents & School

  • Advocate and support secondary students

  • Deal with Crisis as they arise

  • Support transition team as required

  • Consult with Education Board on a quarterly basis