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Winnipeg Adult Education GED/Gr.12 Programs - Members (over the age 19) can apply for support, but please be aware that there is a 3-month probation period; Where you will be required to prove 100% attendance & participation for three months at an Winnipeg Adult Education Center before any living allowance support can begin. Bus passes will be provided upon approval.
(Note: Too many people in the past has abused this system, therefore approval is only given to serious applicants only.)

Employment & Training (PATHWAYS) Program

Berens River First Nation Employment & Training operates through funds provided under the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Strategy (ASETS) agreement. It was designed to provide funding for Skills & Training as identified by needs of the Community.

Priorities of ASETS Agreement are:

  • Demand-Driven Skills Development

  • Partnership Development

  • Minimal Level of Service

Berens River First Nation Employment & Training provides a wide range of Services to clients seeking employment & training. Services such as: Job Search Assistance (Resume & Cover Letter Writing), career planning, job search techniques, posting of positions on job boards & social media, information on upcoming training opportunities and referral letters for potential employers.  We also provide computers with internet access and word processing software, fax machine, and a public photocopier for job seekers.

Please note that we require a SIN and Treaty Status number, and ask that you complete our application for Employment & Training Application Form (Download your copy). If you need assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. All applications will be reviewed by Chief & Council of Berens River First Nation for approvals.

"All our Dreams can Come True.... If we have the Courage to pursue them"

Wayne Berens, PATHWAYS Coordinator

Wayne Berens, PATHWAYS Coordinator

For Off-Reserve residents, Contact Wayne Berens, PATHWAYS Coordinator:

Tel: (204) 982-0690

For On-Reserve residents, Contact Bernice Berens, Human Resource Development Officer:

Tel: 1-204-382-2161 extension #2230