Mino-Kii-Kii-mah ghe-win "Seeking Knowledge" (Documentary, 2017)

Berens River Student Services has started humbly in 2003. When then Chief Alfred Everett began the proceedings to transfer Education Services from Southeast Tribal Council to Berens River, and when the motion passed, the next Chief Nancy Everett negotiated & signed the transfer agreements which historically placed Berens River First Nation on the road to self-governance.  

For decades Parents & Families of Berens River First Nation had to send their children out of town to complete their secondary education. Children as young as 14-15 have to leave their home community to attend Grade nine. This video "Mino-Kii-Kii-Mah Ghe-win" portrays our story of the struggles, sacrifices and the hard work Berens River Student Services had to do on our 15 year journey. Please click on the video above & enjoy our story.

15th Year Anniversary of Berens River Student Services

Berens River Student Services has come 15 years and we are proud to celebrate this achievement by acknowledging the hard work of our staff, Berens River Committee members, and the Chiefs & Councils of our past that has supported and believed in our mission.

Our unprecedented 1000% success rate hasn't come without many years of listening, learning and building relationships with our students & the parents of our First Nation.  From Graduating four students  in 2003, to graduating eighty-five in 2018. We have inspired our younger generations that success is a real and rewarding achievement. 

We are proud of our children, proud of the parents who supported them & our efforts. We the staff of Berens River Student Services thank you and gladly invite you all to share this collective achievement.

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Education is Power

For years Berens River has always branded our name with the idea that Education is Power, and it truly has.  We have graduated Master's students, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses and numerous trades skill laborers, Social Workers, LPN's, Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, and many more! 

We always encourage our alumni to come back to the Community and tell their stories to the youth of Berens River. Inspire and motivate; voicing that hard work doesn't have to be impossible but achievable. 

Student Services Brand

We have produced many gifts and rewards for our graduates, building a brand that the community continues to support.  Whether its water bottles, jackets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, awards, and up to 2017; Berens River Student Services has acquired and renovated our very own downtown property.

A resource for our students to come, share, learn, and study. Conveniently located off St. Mary's Avenue, near the University of Winnipeg. Our doors at 285 Balmoral Street is always open.